Is Buying Instagram Followers Safe

Are you considering buying Instagram followers? You may be wondering if it’s safe and if it will help your business. In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers and help you decide if buying Instagram followers is safe or not. We’ll also share tips on how to get more followers without spending money. Let’s get started!

Is Buying Instagram Followers Safe?

Pros Of Buying Instagram Followers:

When you buy Instagram followers, you automatically get more exposure for your brand.

For example, when people visit your page and see that you have 50k+ followers, they may be intrigued to check out what you’re all about. Even though an X number of people bought your product or service, anyone who visits your page will see that thousands of other users already trust your business which will increase their likelihood of buying from you too.

If you are considering buying Instagram followers then this is one major benefit to keep in mind.

Also, another pro of purchasing followers is that there isn’t any work needed on your end after the purchase has been made.

This allows you to focus on other important aspects of running a business while letting an expert handle the hard work for you.

Cons Of Buying Instagram Followers:

The main con of buying followers is that people can tell when an account has fake followers.

If your page only has a few posts and tens of thousands of followers, it’s easy to tell something is fishy about your page.

The same thing goes if you suddenly have 50k+ followers in a matter of days – this behavior will raise eyebrows and make most users suspicious of their decision to follow you.

Another issue with buying Instagram followers is that the accounts that followed you don’t know anything about your business or what they’re supposed to be doing as part of your team.

This means that there’s no real community organically developing on your page which will negatively affect your engagement levels.

How To Get Instagram Followers Without Spending Money:

1. Make Your Profile Look Amazing:

If you don’t already have at least 500 followers, it’s best to create a high-quality banner for your page.

Spend time designing the perfect background and include some relevant hashtags to help promote your business on search engines.

It can be helpful to tap into local communities by adding location tags or joining popular hashtag pages.

2. Engage With Other Users By Commenting And Liking Posts:

People appreciate when other users take the time to leave thoughtful comments on their posts which will increase the likelihood of them visiting your profile and following you.

When you like photos on Instagram, it gives that user another notification that lets them know who liked their post – this is useful if they decide they want more information about your business as well as the other brands you follow.

3. Be Consistent And Post Relevant Content:

When you post relevant content consistently, it builds trust with your target audience and makes it easier for people to decide whether or not they want to purchase from your business.

Some businesses only post once every few days which isn’t optimal for increasing your follower count – try posting at least 5 times per week and see how this affects engagement levels!

4. Advertise Your Page With Other Businesses:

This strategy can be costly if you try doing it yourself but we recommend working with another business owner who’s got a strong page themselves and doesn’t mind paying for shout-outs on their followers’ pages in exchange for free advertising on yours.

You can also work together on a creative collaboration to generate more exposure for both businesses which is always a win-win situation!

5. Get Creative With Your Content:

The more creative you are with your content, the better chance you have at standing out from the rest of the crowd. Use relevant hashtags in your posts and stay away from things like “♥♥” which make it look like you aren’t putting any effort into creating quality content for your followers.

Whenever possible, upload original photos or videos to stand apart from other accounts that merely re-share photos that were posted by someone else.

6. Reach Out To Other Business Owners For Advice And Collaborations:

When you connect with other business owners, it’s a lot easier to expand your network which can lead to great things for your brand.

Don’t forget that you could potentially collaborate with another account that has an ideal demographic which would make them perfect for promoting your page!


Buying real Instagram followers is a great way to create a solid foundation for your account and get it up and running in no time.

However, this strategy isn’t recommended if you plan on maintaining the long-term success of your page or hope to attract clients who will genuinely want to buy from you.

The best approach is to start small and work your way towards building an organic following that’s excited about what you’re doing!

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