Windows Phone Next App Star could see your app featured in a TV ad


Microsoft has launched its latest Windows Phone developer competition; Windows Phone Next App Star, which could see your app featured in a Windows Phone television advert in the U.S.

If you have published apps in the Windows Phone Store already then you can simply opt in through the Dev Center. If you haven’t, the app needs to be published and live by March 5th in order for you to be able to participate. All apps will be judged by user ratings and app quality to whittle them down to just 64, before picking the winning app. The prizes will include a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone and a one-year free Dev Center subscription.

This is a chance for developers of all shapes and sizes to get their apps to the top, even if they’re only just starting out.

Find out more about the official rules, or register here.

Image by DaGoaty.

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