Webinar: port your Android apps to Windows Store apps


Han Xia, Support Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, tells us how to port Android apps to Windows Store apps in this very helpful webinar.

If you have experience in developing Android apps then you’ll find this very useful as it creates mapping for relations between Android and Windows Phone apps on an advanced level.

The webinar is split into five parts:

  1. Programming Architecture - comparing the difference between the two architectures for Android and Windows Phone app development.
  2. UI Controls - discussing the two types of controls for Windows app development; layout control and content control.
  3. Application Lifecycle – reducing the power consumption of the system with visible and invisible apps.
  4. Notification mechanism - the different ways to notify your users with prompted messages and status updates.
  5. Data Storage – the three different storage methods; application settings, files and folders and databases.

It is a great tool to help you use your skill set from Android app development and apply it to Windows Phone, with all the necessary resources you’ll need along the way.

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Listen to the demonstration here.

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