Matchbox Mobile’s Vegas Report on the CES


We’re really pleased to have another guest post from the folks at Matchbox Mobile – this time, they went all the way to Vegas and have written about their time at CES and the AT&T Developer Summit below for us. Let us know what you think in the comments or on twitter.

The start of the tech year comes early, and we were pleased to have been part of the official kick-off with two important mobile events in Las Vegas: the AT&T Developer Summit and CES, the international Consumer Electronics Show.

From a phone developer’s perspective, there was a lot to see and digest. Some of the highlights for us included:
AT&T releasing their latest Windows Phone SDK, which provides controls for speech via a Visual Studio extension (available here). Ed Schmitt and Kevin Griffin of AT&T were there to explain its benefits alongside the latest APIs
• A very useful talk from Microsoft’s Reza Alizadeh and Doug Holland about using common code between Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps
• Another potent demonstration of the benefits of the ARO tool from AT&T’s Doug Sillars. Doug explained some principles and practices of writing network-friendly code, including caching and closing connections

The CES show floor was its usual immense bazaar of the new, the not so new, and the bizarre. Judging from the number of new handsets, and the number of stalls touting phone cases (custom-made, branded, rugged) phones are still a hot topic and a popular commodity. We particularly enjoyed a life-saving bit of phone-charging of my Lumia 920 on a Qi wireless charging booth. There we also got a demonstration of the next generation of charging pads, which can handle more than one phone, and at a greater distance.

On the less technical side, but still engaging:
• An event hosted by rapper LL Cool J, during which he launched MyConnect Studio – a Windows 8 app that enables musicians from all over the world to collaborate. This event was well-attended, with a forest of cameras held aloft as LL challenged members of the audience to come up and rap with him; the results were not always stellar

• The launch of new headphones (slogan: “Everything Louder Than Everything Else”) by Motörhead frontman Lemmy. The show floor was split between rock fans crowding around the stand, and bemused folks asking whether the man in the hat was famous

• Nokia’s very popular LED flashing bracelets before The Killers gig (which was also, in our experience, the first rock concert to have been preceded by a carvery buffet)

• A retro gaming competition dispensing Lumia accessories as prizes (including a much-coveted set of earphones)

Image by LaurentGO.

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