Take a look at our calendar: Meet-up in March

March meet up

QCon London 2013, 4-8 March 2013

QCon London is the seventh annual London enterprise software development conference. It is a great event to attend if you can, it’s designed for developers (amongst others) with talks including ‘next generation mobile apps’ which will explore the latest features in iOS 6, Android 4, Windows Phone 8 and mobile web browsers. Register here.

Microsoft Campus Visit, 11 March 2013

There is a limited number of tickets left, so you’ll have to be quick but this exclusive site visit will give you the low down on Windows 8 game app development and the commercial opportunities that go with it. Register here.

Windows Phone 8 lock-in – building apps for young people, 16-17 March 2013

This is one you don’t want to miss. Microsoft, Nokia and Foolproof are running a Windows Phone 8 lock-in looking at building apps for young people/kids. Nokia will be bringing prizes and developer resources for the best app, fastest build, craziest and biggest outstanding failure (and others). Microsoft Windows Phone 8 developers will also be present to help out. Register here.

Introducing Windows Phone 8 development with Matt Lacey, 19 March 2013

Matt Lacey (founder and organiser of the Windows Phone User Group) will show all the exciting new features of Windows Phone 8 in a demo packed session. It will include an overview of the platform, the key new features and and why you might be interested in developing for it. Register here.

Windows Phone User Group North West, 19 March 2013

As always it is open to anyone interested in the Windows Phone and Windows platform, including developers, designers, gamers, professionals and hobbyists. This meet up will be held at TechHub Manchester at 18:30 – 20:30. Register here.

Technical Update for the Microsoft Platform, 20 March 2013

A ‘Microsoft roadmap’ across the whole platform, discussing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, via Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Server, to Azure, SharePoint and Office 2013. Register here.


Image by Howdy, I’m H. Michael Karshis.

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