Nokia 3D-printing Development Kit for Lumia 820 cases


Not to be outdone by any of its competitors, Nokia has found something new to give it a leading edge in design.

The user-removable back of the Nokia Lumia 820 has led to the innovation of 3D printed Lumia cases. Not only does this allow you to customise your Lumia to your own taste but it also gives you the opportunity to make device modifications to suit your lifestyle. A few of which Nokia has suggested; an attachment point for camera accessories, winding post for headphone cable or accommodation for larger batteries.

Nokia’s 3DK (3D-printing Development Kit) provides models in STL and STEP format, both the complete backshell/button assembly and the individual models for the shell and each of the buttons. All of which you can find here; Lumia 820 shell with all parts, STL format, Lumia 820 shell, separated, STL format and Lumia 820 shell, STP format.

Find out how you can make your own Lumia case.

Image by west.m.

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